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Right lets get your signal fixed

Congratulations, you've just taken the first step in fixing your terrible mobile phone signal. No doubt you've had a very frustrating time running around trying to find that lonesome bar of signal in order to make a call, or you find your calls simply drop out suddenly, or perhpas sometimes people sound like they are calling you from underwater! Well the good news is you're only one step away from putting that problem behind you for good.

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Buy a Phone Signal Booster

To get started simply select your network from the grid below.

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Phone signal booster

Full bars of mobile phone signal or your money back!

From the moment your phone signal booster is switched on, you will notice an immediate difference in the performance of your mobile phone. Please note, we have a strict policy of only selling top quality officially CE certified devices which is the reason we are the UK’s number 1 versatile signal boosting company.

How do these mobile signal booster kits work

The phone signal booster kits includes a small outdoor arial that collects a GSM signal from a wide spectrum, (like a huge funnel) before carrying that collected signal down a cable to a small amplifier that rebroadcasts it into your home or office.

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What is a phone signal booster?

The phone signal booster kit contains two parts: a panel antenna and a booster. The weather proof panel antenna is mounted outside, gathering a GSM over a wide spectrum, the gathered signal is then carried down a low loss cable to a discrete booster inside the property, which rebroadcasts the gathered signal.
The phone signal booster kit comprises of two parts: an antenna and an amplifier. The antenna is mounted outside, collecting GSM signal over an extensive range and is connected to a small, discrete amplifier inside the property, which amplifies this collected signal.

So what phone signal booster kit is right for me?

There are three frequencies in the UK, 900GSM, 1800GSM and 2100GSM. Each network will be on either one of these three frequencies. For instance, O2 is on 900GSM and EE is on 1800GSM. Some networks share frequencies, eg. O2 and Vodafone are both on 900GSM and Tmobile, Orange and EE are all on 1800GSM.

At the top of the page, you can select which network you are on and pick a booster that has been developed to work for that specific network.

You could likewise decide on a Dualband or Tri-band booster. These sorts of cellular telephone boosters will blanket all networks. This may be the key if numerous individuals in the same family are on different mobile phone networks!

If it’s all too much to take in then please don’t hesitate to call our support staff for any help or guidance: 0800 098 8516

What Are The top 5 Benefits of a phone signal booster?

  • More battery life due to the mobile phone not working so hard to collect a weak signal.
  • Less radiation emitted from your mobile.
  • Cheaper phone bills due to no dropped calls or repeating yourself 15 times.
  • No running around frantically trying to find a reception hot spot to take or make a call.
  • No more missing important calls.

We’re so sure the kit will work for you that we offer a money back guarantee and one year warranty.

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